Saturday, January 22, 2011


I've just returned from a long and very relaxing holiday with my DH. God used this holiday time to challenge me, convict me of my sin of selfishness, and remind me of his awesome love and mercy. It was a marvelous time and I hope to write more about it later on.

Today we have landed back into normal life and have been to the wedding of two beautiful young people who DH and I used to know when we led them in youth group! (I deliberately mentioned that they are young, so to avoid labeling us as old!) Tonight we will have dinner and see a musical with my DH's brother and his fiance. Tomorrow we hope to visit another church and will spend the afternoon cleaning out our study ready for me to do some work on Monday.

On Monday DH returns to work and I hope to start on the many blog posts I hope to write to account for what has been going on over the past four weeks. I also have lots of reading and commenting to catch up on as well. Being without phones, internet and tv was fine, it was missing my sisterhood and all your stories that I struggled with!

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